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that the slaves produced for their masters and that made up the core of the southern economy. and only slave labor, only the labor of people who were owned outright by their owners, by landowners who had no right to object, much less to refuse the conditions under which they were compelled to work, only slave labor would cultivate those crops intensively and cheaply enough to yield the tremendous profits that they did. slavery's importance to the southern elite was not simply a matter of dollars and cents. to many masters, as slave owners liked to be called, slavery appeared to be an essential, even an irreplaceable fixture of society. it was inseparable from everything that they knew and loved. it was inseparable from all aspects of what they refer to as their way of life. of course, economically but also socially and culturally. slavery was the unique basis of the particular outlook, the assumptions, the norms, the habits, the relationships to which these masters had become deeply and reflectsively attached -- reflectsively attached. it defined their culture, it shaped their religion, it even sh
in the economy before he was inaugurated and nobody knew what he was going to do and people said that they should have sent signals. it would have helped the country but it seems like it helped them do a better job waiting. we've two of them for president now and the fiscal crisis and the war going on and everybody is wondering what is going to happen. what advice would you give to mccain or obama of the should do once they are elective or should they wait until they are inaugurated to say what they are going to do? >> the question is if i could repeat, another excellent question. the parallel between lincoln and fdr not doing anything in the four months that they faced the real crisis as compared to the crisis the next president will inevitably face and whether he should be involved. i will say quickly as daniel weinberg knows one of the inspirations for the book was jonathan alter's book on clinton's roosevelt first 100 days with strong sections on the president-elect and i still remember vividly which is the good thing about the book remember building reza on march 2nd or 3rd. you've got to do
resignation as the economy was recovered? all the way back to the french and indian war, a very young george washington was riding very romantic letters to a woman who was not mrs. washington. her name was sally terry fairfax, very attractive, older, sophisticated neighbor. what if washington's letters have become public during the for -- french and and -- ran the french and indian war. not the first and not the worst. patraeus is not the first and not the worst. been there done that. it pains me to say that even abraham lincoln visited prostitutes. say it isn't so. but it happens. now, the details on a sketchy. there are not a lot of letters written about this, but here is so we can piece together. lincoln's best friend was joshua speed. he was, perhaps, a dashing and handsome and i guess what you with the ladies as lincoln was allegedly only an awkward and of lucky in romance. he felt sorry for lincoln. invited him to work in his general store. and he did not have a place to stay. he let him stay of stairs of the general store. during their steve was using the services of a professional wo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3